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Making your own is making a comeback!

Start your own business, with DIY cosmetics.? Create one-of-a-kind products and gifts to sell online.? Not only can you use local ingredients but exotic ingredients from all around the world. Moroccan argan oil. Amazonian andiroba oil, candelilla wax from Mexico, butterfly pea flowers, hibiscus and lemongrass, and the list goes on.

You will be spoilt for choices.

Get inspired because DIY cosmetics has been around for centuries and recipes are often handed down from generation to generation.

New technology and better understanding of how ingredients work can be put to our advantage with so many online resources.

Our recipes tell you the difficulty level, approximate time required to make it, and we try to suggest substitutes and variations for you. And we love to hear your favourites so we can post them here.

We buy and source ingredients you can trust and we carefully select ingredient only with COA’s (Certificate of Analysis). We re-pack the ingredients in? convenient sizes, scaled for home and cottage industry.

We search for ingredients that make a difference to you and your family and that will stand out in your formulation such as; vegan hyaluronic acid and gorgeous fruit and plant extracts. This way you can add some extra wow and punch to your products.

We stock a variety of eco-friendly cosmetic containers such as; aluminum,? glass bottles, tins, dropper bottles, paper boxes, push-up tubes and more, all add that professional look to your products while helping the environment.

Whether you are making products for yourself, giving them away or selling them, you will find a selection.

  • Certified Authentic Ingredients
  • Your one-stop DIY skincare source
  • Natural ingredients at affordable prices
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