About Us

About Us

DIY Making Cosmetics is a supplier of raw materials and ingredients for making your own cosmetics and spa products at home, for the cottage industry, or for those wanting to set up a small business of their own.

Why Do We Do It

Our goal is to bring nature and knowledge together, so you can make products more suitable for you and your family’s needs. We are passionate about opening the DIY industry and sharing our years of acquired knowledge and experience so you can make your own with confidence.

What Do We Have

DIY Making Cosmetics offers a full selection of ingredients with an emphasis on natural ingredients from all over the world; such as shea butter & cacao butter, butterfly pea flower & rose powder, witch hazel & plant extracts as well as some cold press oils. We also carry some eco-friendly packaging.

Meet Our Team

An enthusiastic group of young individuals from the Riau Island area in Indonesia are standing by ready to prepare, pack and ship your orders to you. Our raw materials are kept in airconditioned facilities with laboratory clean standards, so your ingredients will perform as they should.

Contact Us

You can get in touch by email: info@diymakingcosmetics.com